Chiropractic is surrounded by many misconceptions, one of these misconceptions are that chiropractors are not “real” doctors. I assure you they are. They go through a typical undergrad education similar to that of other doctors, dentists, ets. Then they go through a very rigorous 4 year doctorate program where they are using the same texts and resources as physicians in medical school. They are just learning a different approach to applying that information in an effort to help their patients. Another great misconception you hear from people is that there chiropractor “cracks” there back. This is also not true what the chiropractor is actually doing is putting motion into a joint that has not moved in a long time. Because the joint has not moved in a long time some gas gathers in that joint. When the doctor moves the joint he finds to be “stuck” or dysfunctional, that gas is forced out of the joint sometimes making a noise. There is not cracking going merely gas moving through a tight space similar to popping a bubble.

Anyone considering chiropractic care I would recommend finding a chiropractor that is willing to listen to all of your wellness concerns and addresses the patient as a whole, not just from a pain perspective. Pain is only one indicator for dysfunction and you doctor should be looking for other types of indications as well. Also if your chiropractor should be willing to educate you on ways you can help yourself. Also look for a physician that is willing to listen to your concerns and address them to a level you are comfortable with.

We use many different techniques at Buckeye Chiropractic including diversified, Thompson, flexion/distraction, decompression therapy as well as activator to name a few. These names will mean very little to patients unless they have been to a chiropractor in the past that uses on of these. The point is we use and have taken the time to learn many different techniques and protocols so that we can offer each individual patient a treatment method that we feel offers them the most comfort with the largest likelihood for success. This helps us to customize the technique to the individual patient with the best results for our patients in mind.

Our office is very special in the sense that not only do we offer chiropractic services we also are trained in acupuncture treatment, we have a licensed massage therapist on staff as well as licensed physical therapist on location. Within the facility there is also on-site radiology so our facility is a one stop shop for patients dealing with issues of the spine. Along with our focus on trying to make patient be able live a pain free life, we also look into their general wellness if they would like us to. Through this we can address any concerns they may have as to why they feel their body is not working as good as it can be. This truly makes our clinic, the one place in the area that offers a well rounded approach to your health and wellness to allow you to get the most happiness out of your life!

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