Chiropractic Care in Willoughby

Chiropractic Care in Willoughby

lower back pain

Chiropractic can be helpful for many different conditions people deal with on a daily basis. Of course the obvious ones many people think of like low back pain, neck pain, as well as sciatica. This type of treatment is also very helpful in conditions people may not regularly associate with chiropractic care. Chiropractic is focused on optimizing how your nervous system functions. Because the nervous system controls and coordinates nearly all function of your body you can see the reach that chiropractic has on your health. Many patients have experienced relief from symptoms of allergies as well as things like ear infections. When your chiropractor correctly adjusts your spine he/she in turn optimizes the ability of your nervous system to perform all the duties of this system by removing any interference in the communications of your body. The body has to be able to communicate with the brain in order to work properly and nerves are the main form of communication when they are compressed or compromised this communication suffers in turn afecting the way our body fight adversity. Adversity appears in many different forms including allergens and infections just to name a few. Most people think of physical adversity as the main reason for chiropractic care and although it is a major form of adversity It is not by any stretch the only one. We are constantly bombarded with chemical, biological and emotional stress and it is up to our nervous system to communicate these stressors to the brain in order or properly fight them off and keep our body working at its optimum.

This raises the question how often do I need to be evaluated by my chiropractic physician in order to ensure I am keeping my body in the best position to fight any stressors that present themselves. This is a very individual answer based on your lifestyle. What do I mean by this? For example if you are a person that is very careful about what you eat, being certain to only eat the cleanest whole foods, your body is at an advantage over someone that does not take this step toward health and thus you may be able to go longer between adjustments. This is something that is evaluated by your physician and a plan can be discussed between the two of you. There are many different factors that will go into your required frequency diet is just one of them, which makes this a very hard question to answer but I can tell you most of my patient benefit from a minimum of 4 adjustment yearly in an effort to gain their optimum health. Others that suffer from very high levels of stress in their life see the benefit returning monthly for adjustments. This is what your chiropractor specializes in and he is very efficient in determining what is best for your in current situation. Chiropractic is a huge component of wellness, if you are interested in maintaining your level of health be sure you are not overlooking this tool that is available to you!

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